Sunday, November 14, 2010

Define Organization, Explain Organization level.

"The systematical arrangement of people to accomplish some specific purpose is called Organization".
Elements of Definition:
1- Systematical Structure:
It means that there are some rules and regulations of organizations, which limit the responsibilities of the members.
2- People / Members:
Organization are composed of people which are called members. Following are the two categories of members.
i- Managers:
The people who give the directions to others and are directly responsible for their work are called manager.
ii- Operations:
The members who perform their assigned task. They are only responsible for their own work.
3- Distinct Purpose:
Each organization has its own goals or set of goals. Goals mean the desired objectives or outcomes. These vary firms organization to organization.

Hierarchy Level 

In an organization, all the people are not managers, Some have to manage the activities and some are required to perform these activities. In the same way, all the managers don't posses equal managerial authorities, but these is a proper system of the powers and obligations for managers & operatives which is called Organizational level or Hierarchy Level. It is discussed in detail as follows.

1- Top Managers:
These managers are responsible for making decisions about the direction of organization and they establish policies that effect all the organizational members. Normally, their titles are vice-president, president, chancellor, managing director, chief operating officer, chief executives officers and chairperson of the boards.
2- Middle Managers:
The persons who communicate the goals set by top managers to the first line managers are known as middle managers. The middle managers translate and brief the goals. Their titles are division managers, project managers and plant managers, dean or agency lead etc.
3-First Line Managers:
The managers who are responsible for directing the day to day work of employees are called first line managers. They oversee the work of operatives in each department. Their title are supervisor, foreman etc.

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