Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What is HRM (Human Resource Management), Explain the Role of HRM?

Today I like to write some basic things about HRM. As a student of management sciences my knowledge says that HRM plays very important role in every organization.
So today I’ll try to Define HRM and explain the Role of HRM in every organization.

HRM Definitions
“Managing the people at work is called Human Resource Management”
“Process of getting activities effectively and efficiently by managing the people”
The human resource management is the key of an organization. It works as a blood for an organization.
The HRM consists of seven main activities necessary for staffing the organization and sub staining high employee performance
1)      Recruitment management
2)      Performance management
3)      Training management
4)      Benefits management
5)      Attendance and overtime management
6)      Employee information and skills management
7)      Health and safety management

The entire HRM process is influenced by external environment. The main factors which influence the HRM are
a)      Labor union
b)      Governmental Law
A.      Labor Union
The labor union is an organization which is represent workers and seeks to protect their interest through collective bargaining.
 B.  Governmental Law
The federal government has greatly expanded its influence over HRM by interacting a number of laws and regulations.
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Roles of HRM
There are four basic roles of HRM
1)      Policy
2)      Advice
3)      Service
4)      Control

1) Policy
The executive in charge of the personal department is one who individually involved in the policy creation. It is responsibility of the in charge of the department to propose and draft the new policies for the successful organization.
So before making the policies the in charge can see following things
·         Analyze the problem
·         Surveys
·         Discussions
When these three elements complete then the new policy formed

2) Advice
The personal director has a function that he/she advice the employees, other stuff members which work in organization.
The personal director gives the advices the employee for the purpose to get more success of their organization.
The advice may be in written form, Oral form it is depend upon the situation.

3) Services
There is a list of services which is necessary for each and every employee.
a)      Recruitment
b)      Training
c)       Performance management
d)      training need analysis
e)      management consultation
f)       placement executive search

4) Control
·         Control is the important function of personal department.
·         This function monitors the performance department.
·         Safety of employees
·         Staff control
·         Raise salaries
·         Containing auditing

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