Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What is Management and what are the functions of management?

As the student of management studies, I want to write something about the management. In this post I'll try to define Management and what are the functions of management.

I define management as “The process of getting activities and also accomplish desire goals efficiently and effectively with and through other people”
  Elements of Definition
The above definition contains following prominent elements.
1-      Management Process.
Its means the planning, organizing, leading and controlling. These are also known as function of management.
2-      Efficiency.
Efficiency means the proper utilization of resources.
3-      Effectiveness.
Accomplish of goals within a set time period is called effectiveness. It is also means doing the right things in right time

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Functions of Management 

In the early years of 20th Century, a French Industrialist Henri Foyal wrote that all managers perform five management activities. They plan, organize, command, co-ordinates and control. In the Mid 1950’s, two professors at UCLA, H Koontz & C O Donnell used the terms Planning, organizing, staffing , directing, and controlling in a textbook of management.
But now days there are four basic functions which are
1-      Planning  
2-      Organizing
3-      Leading
4-      Controlling

1-    Planning
This function of management includes (1) Defining goals of organization, (2) Establishing the overall strategy for achieving the defined goals, (3) Developing plans and sub plans for co-ordination of activities. 

i-Defining Goals
Before Start any work we Set our goals and also set our destinations. Like wise, if the goals and destination of the organization are not clear then proper work and struggle is not possible.
ii-Establishing the overall strategy
Strategy is a long term planning. By the Help of strategies we can easily achieve our goals.
iii-Developing plans
By developing plans & sub plans, the activities are integrated and co-ordinate. It helps us in achievement of our goals.
2-    Organizing.
Designing the structure of organization is called organizing. It involves the following points.
                     i.            What tasks are to be performed?
                   ii.            Who will perform there tasks?
                  iii.            Who will report and to whom? 
3-  Leading 
It includes directing and motivating the employees and resolving their conflicts & selecting the most effective channels of communication
                     i.            Those who are able to influence to others and posses managerial authority are called leader.
                   ii.            Leaders are motivators.
                  iii.            Give direction to the employees.
                 iv.            Resolving the conflicts of employees
                   v.            Selects the most effective communication. 
After setting and defining goals, formulating plans, hiring workers and training them, than after grouping the tasks etc if we can’t control all these, then how can we become successful in an achievement of our goals.
“Controlling means monitoring the activities to ensure that all of the work is done according to standards”.
Two most important functions of management are “Planning and Controlling”

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